Friday, April 27, 2012

Bluebird of Happiness

Choosing a lot to build on has been a long, drawn-out process for us. 

Initially I thought we'd live somewhere between Salt Lake and Logan, but Rob felt so much at home in Cache Valley that we decided to focus our search here.  We looked in Wellsville, Providence, and a little bit in Millville.  I did not want to live north of Green Canyon - especially because Rob WOULD be traveling and I felt that was too far away from the airport AND my family. 

We found a lot in Logan, pretty close to Rob's folks and his sister's home, that we liked.  Unfortunately, it was sold out from under us just as we were beginning to put together an offer.  Our builder was less than enthusiastic about building in that neighborhood for some reason and asked if we'd consider looking a little further north. 

This was a brand new subdivision that had been developed a few years ago, just before the housing crash.  Nothing had been done beyond the basic improvements and the road.  The land owner was anxious to sell so our builder negotiated a pretty good price for us.  We picked out a lot, made an offer and continued working on the floor plan and home design.  In discussions with the builder we realized we were putting a lot of money into site specific costs.  This basically means that we were spending a lot of money to get the property ready to build a house on.  It was also going to be expensive to landscape because of the need for some major retaining walls. 

To be honest I have to admit that I never loved that lot as much as Rob did.  I kept trying to tell myself it would grown on me once we actually started building and I had a chance to start planning the landscaping.  I was willing to grow to love it because I felt like I had really driven the decision on the location of the last two houses that we've lived in and thought maybe it was his turn to fall in love with the location. 

I was getting discouraged as I saw the costs creeping up and I think our builder recognized this.  We asked if the site specific costs would be less if we chose a lot further down the hill.  In an odd twist of fate, the costs dropped more by going up the hill.  We met the builder and our sales agent at the property so we could walk it together and talk about how to site the house on the lot and how that would impact the layout. 

We had finished walking the lot and had walked across the street to get a different perspective when a mountain bluebird flew down and landed on a dried stalk less than five feet away.  He cocked his head and looked directly at us.  I didn't even think to take out my phone and try to get a picture of it.

(this is not the actual bluebird but is a lovely picture I found on the website

Our builder said, "Maybe this is a sign that you've made the right decision".  I laughed and said, "I'll take it".  I am a believer in signs - not big earth shattering signs, but little gifts, tender mercies and quiet nods of approval.

You know, ever since that day things have been moving steadily forward and falling into place.  I don't feel like we are spinning our wheels anymore.  I like to think that maybe it was a little nod to us that it was a good decision and that it is time to plant our roots here and look forward to our future.