Monday, May 14, 2012

Snapshots before Digging

We closed on our lot on Friday, May 11.  We were very glad they could get us in and closed before we left to take Alaina to Florida. 

Now we are waiting for permits to come back from North Logan City and then the big dig will begin. 

We kind of hope that even though we closed on the construction loan a week early the dig will wait until we are back in town.

Following are some of my favorite images from visits to our lot and why we are excited to build here.

I love these trees! 
Rob calls them Scrub Maple but I don't care.  They are mature and lovely and add character and privacy to our lot.  I'm looking forward to seeing them change with the seasons out the kitchen window and as we sit on our deck.

We still have a nice view of the valley and the Wellsville's.  This view will be from the front yard instead of the kitchen window and the back deck, but I'm happy with that. 

This is the view from the west side of our property.  This may change as we get neighbors, but for now it is lovely, peaceful and pastoral.  We aren't close enough to actually visit the horses, unless we go for a walk down the hill, but they will be pretty to look at.

Rob is down in the gully facing south.  Look at the natural rock formation behind him.  We would have had to spend a fortune to recreate that in Illinois, and here mother nature did it for us.

 This view is standing in the gully looking east. The trees are growing at the edge of the gully and have created a small grove of trees in that area.   

 These are actually two different wildflowers.  The orange ones above were blooming near the end of April and the bright yellow ones below were blooming in mid-May.  It was a wonderful surprise for me to see them growing.  One more small "nod of approval" and a happy welcome sign.

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