Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ready for Stucco

Grandma H sent a couple of pictures to Rob while we were out of town showing that the subs were getting the house ready for stucco.

When we got back into town it was VERY LATE at night (or was it VERY EARLY in the morning?). But, that's a different story, on a different blog.

So we headed up to the house first thing, Friday morning.  Partly to meet the flooring guys and answer some questions and partly because we were excited to see the house for ourselves.

The subs have the scaffolding up, the house covered with black heavy duty Kraft paper, chicken wire and styrofoam. 

It's been like this for almost two weeks. Every day we drive up expecting to see stucco on the house, but nothing yet. We figure the crew must be busy on another house and they'll get to us eventually.

I like the house better black than white.  It blends into the hills better.  I'm anxious to see how I like it once the stucco goes up.

Oh, we also noticed (when we returned) that we have garage doors installed and the mudroom door to the garage has a construction lock on it.  Not sure why, because the front door, the basement door and the sliding door are all easily opened and allow access into the house.

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