Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Coat

You may have seen a little hint from the picture of our water hose bib that there has been a significant change to the exterior of our house.

Yup, You guessed it!  Our first coat of stucco is on.  When we showed up in the afternoon the crew had just finished the west coat and were moving to the back of the house.  When we came up early the next morning they had the whole house finished.

It's amazing how different the house looks with it's first coat on.

While we were walking the property (I'm trying to get a feel for landscaping ideas), we heard a loud noise and looked towards the house just in time to see three guys falling off the scaffolding!  LUCKILY, they were on the side of the house by the garage and the kitchen window so they only fell a couple of feet.  They laughed and laughed.  When we came over to see if they were okay, they said their board was old and just pulled another one over, jumped up on that and went back to work.  I was just glad they weren't working on the second level of scaffolding when the board gave out.

They will let this coat sit and cure for at least a week.
The cement in the mix needs plenty of time to dry and crack (hey, it's basically concrete - it cracks).  Then they will come back with the finish color coat.  This will fill in and cover all the cracks as well as giving the house the color we selected.  
Here is a view of the house we haven't shown you before.  This is standing on the property just to the east.  Our neighbors should start digging on their house soon so we won't be able to show you this exact view much longer.
Noah blends into the background very well here.

It's been a couple of days and the stucco is a much lighter gray now.  We haven't seen any major cracks yet.  The stone will be installed (on the areas where there is still black paper showing) after the last coat of stucco is on.    I hope I like the garage dimensions of stone to stucco better once the grading is finished and the front walk is in.  Right now it looks kind of silly to me.

I'm getting anxious for them to get the finished grade done.  But they have to be finished with the stonework first.  I'm not sure when they do the sidewalks and driveway.  I would think they do the grading first.  Guess I'll ask Jesse next time we see him.

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