Monday, October 15, 2012

Closing? If, Then

Concrete goes in (scheduled for today - Jesse STILL hasn't heard a firm yes from them)
Gutters go on (this afternoon or tomorrow morning)
Boiler is connected to electric and gas (TODAY)
Oven is installed (TODAY)
Carpet is installed and backsplash replaced (TODAY)

we can have our inspection tomorrow

anything fails on the inspection (which Jesse says happens 98% of the time, just because North Logan is like that)

Jesse can get that taken care of Tuesday evening (he already has the re-inspection rescheduled for early Wednesday morning, because he knows how North Logan works and is ready for them)

we pass inspection and get our certificate of occupancy, and the appraisal comes in where it's supposed to

we can close Wednesday afternoon and start moving in

!! !! !! !!

Oh - a couple more because it's fun.

IF the concrete goes in TODAY
THEN we can move the fridge in tomorrow evening

IF the carpet and tile store doesn't have any extra backsplash tile in stock
THEN Jesse is going to insist they drive to SLC and pick it up to get it finished today

IF the concrete doesn't go in today
THEN ... ... ... ...

what does that do to our closing?

I don't know.  Because there is a 30% chance of rain tomorrow and as we learned.  If there is rain in the forecast they don't pour the concrete.

Positive thoughts are welcome.


  1. What happened with the sidewalk problem? Did they finally decide to come and do it? And if they pour concrete today, do you have to wait a week or longer to drive on it?

  2. Short story is the developer accepted the fact that he signed a legal contract binding him to pay for the sidewalk. There is a longer story, but we can talk about that in person if you are interested. So, our developer frustration had a happier and quicker resolution than yours has....... (sorry about that).