Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Framing Begins

June 20
Once the crew came in and started framing it was amazing how quickly things changed.  They build the walls flat on the concrete floor and then lift them into place.  Rob and I were having a weekly meeting with Jesse when they finished this wall and started lifting it into place.  He has a video of it (if anyone is interested let me know in a comment and I'll put it up on the blog).  Jesse and Justin (the owner of Visionary, who happened to show up during our chat) ran down and gave them a couple of extra hands to lift this massive wall.  This is our main load bearing wall in the house so it was very heavy.
This view is from the single car garage looking down.  Our staircase will run from the top corner of the double car garage down to the basement.  You can see the opening for the sliding door from Rob's office out to the backyard in the top right corner.

They needed to trench for utilities and also dig some holes for the deck and front porch footings so they brought this big Cat in.  I was standing in the garage watching it turn and swing.  It came within inches of the wall that had just been built but amazingly it didn't even come close to hitting the wall.  Can you imagine how much trouble the operator would be in if he knocked down a hard day's work.
We had our back turned when they drove this machine down the hill and when we turned around it was long gone.  Even though they are so big, these machines can move quickly when they want to.

Is it starting to look more like a house yet?
Nah, not really (in this picture at least)...but it is in real life.

I just need to get caught up on my posts again.

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