Thursday, June 28, 2012

Framing Update

June 26

We have stairs!

No more running around the outside of the house to get upstairs or downstairs.
This simplifies life for everyone.

Rob's been a little disappointed in the lack of clean-up every night at the job site.

When we had our bathroom remodeled back in Illinois the crew that did the work there left their work cleaned and spotless every night and Rob was expecting that here.

Then we walked through the house at the bottom of the hill and he saw the mess the subs left there.  I don't think he feels better about the mess, but he understands our subs aren't the only messy ones. 

It DOES look like a house once they get the walls up and the roof on.
This picture is taken from 1600 East (the main road to our subdivision)

This picture is taken just as you enter our subdivision
And this is our picture of the day.


  1. The reason that they left your remodel job so clean is that it was in your house. This is a construction site, and won't become a house for awhile. Wow, I can't believe how fast this is going. But I know that the framing is pretty fast and then things aren't outwardly quite so impressive.

  2. Roof trusses and sheathing make a huge difference! We also noticed how messy construction sites and contractors can be. We pulled out half a can of garbage from around our foundation right before they back-filled...I mean, I can handle leaving a cup of coke in a windowsill while putting up sheet rock, but around a foundation? where you have no intention of picking it back up before covering it in six feet of dirt? come on... But we did spend a solid week cleaning before we moved in and everyone filled a dumpster and a half of trash each, so I'm sure they'll do the same. It looks so pretty! I'm glad you're taking all these pictures and documenting it and being a part of the home build. You'll always be happy you did. I'm also a wee bit envious you got to try out driving a back hoe. I'll bet my dad is even more envious! :)