Monday, September 10, 2012

All the Leaks are Gone (we hope)

One more leak showed up in the family room ceiling. This one was in the nook area. So it was opened up, repaired, and patched.

We are all holding our breath that all the leaks have shown up and there aren't any areas where the nail is actually stuck in the tubing creating a plug. The water pressure is holding and we haven't seen any more wet spots so we are crossing our fingers and hoping those were the only problem areas.  Jesse said the holes seemed to show up where the loops were cornered a little too tightly and were too close to the subfloor.  This would be a good time to review the videos we made of the finished loops.  It might give us some peace of mind.

After a couple of days, the insulation was all dry and ready to be tucked back up into the joists.  Then the drywall crew came back, they did a good job on the repair.  There was one spot where the mud coat looked a little more like the stamped finish and not the wholly smooth, but Jesse said he'd get up there and knock it down with a little sanding.

In the meantime, we've seen minor progress happening, but it sure feels like these leaks have really slowed down the work.  Well, that and the subs have apparently been working like crazy finishing up a couple of other houses that had a higher priority than ours (the Parade of Homes, for instance).

I know Rob was hoping earlier that we'd be asked to put our house in the Parade, but I think we are both glad now that didn't happen.

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