Friday, September 14, 2012

Catching up on the exterior

It's been a little frustrating because we haven't seen much progress for the last couple of weeks.  Bits and pieces get done every day, but nothing major. So, it was nice to watch the progress of the stucco going on.

The crew started on the west side and moved around the back of the house to the front.  It was fun to see the color.  I think it's a little darker than I planned.  But, I've realized that it will look nice in the glaring sun and won't get washed out as quickly, so that was fortuitous.  

They actually started by applying the darker trim around the windows and to frame out the planes of the exterior.  Then they taped off the trim and applied the main color.

This side above is finished and ready for the scaffolding to come down and the picture below is the back view all finished.

This is actually a good shot of our property.  If you look very hard, you can see the orange flag, in the bottom right hand corner of the picture.   I've drawn in approximately where our property lines are.  It's tough to create 3D ideas easily and quickly on a 2D picture.  The line actually goes underneath the trees and ends up behind them.  Rob is struggling with this picture and says it looks like the lines are floating in the air. 
When we went up today, the crew was there working on installing our gable molding and corbels.  Hopefully by Monday, all of the exterior will be totally finished and then we can start laying out our sidewalk and final grading.

While the stucco crew was working on the garage wall, these two men were getting a good start on our rock!   It's fascinating watching them because it really requires some artistry.

(umm, does anyone else see the two pieces that are the same size and color right next to each other? and should I care or not?  Rob thinks its funny that I noticed it and said I should just wait till the whole wall is finished before I decide one way or the other....comments???)

And, our neighborhood is really growing.  We won't be the only ones up there in the dark after all.  There are currently six houses in various stages.  One is finished (the parade home at the bottom of the hill).  One is almost finished (a spec home waiting for buyers to choose finishes), one is framed, and two have their foundations poured.  You can't see two of the houses from this view because they are hidden by the hills.

We may be the first ones actually moved in, unless the parade home gets sold in the next week or two.  


  1. Those are two pretty big pretty noticeable rocks. I don't think they look bad, but if it bugs you even a little bit, I say speak up now. It seems like it would be harder, and more annoying to the builder, to have to change it later... And don't leave it alone then have it bug you forever more!

  2. Wow, I have got to get up there. I haven't seen it since before the sheet rock.

  3. I'm not following this blog nearly as carefully as I should be! Stone was the WORST part of building our house. I don't know if you asked them to reposition those stones, but you most certainly should have. Once the mortar sets, it'd done. The end. But if it is still wet, you can remove one and move it a little bit.