Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When Rob's Away

Rob is out of town for a few days (he got called at the last minute for an emergency trip to Disney - the bonus is that he's been able to get together with Alaina after she gets off work (at 10:30 pm).  They went out to dinner one night and fit in a quick trip to WalMart the second night.  She usually has to manage her shopping trips on the bus so she is looking forward to being able to stock up)

Lots of changes have happened up at the house while he's been gone, so I'm putting a lot of pictures up today.

The exterior is SOOO Close to being finished.  We need to have the soffit and fascia finished.  Also, Emily pointed out a couple of areas that seem to be missing either stucco or stone.  It's nice to have a new, fresh set of eyes looking things over, because I hadn't even noticed those spots.

The setting sun really impacts the colors in the picture above.  The picture below (of the garage view) is the most accurate.
(I haven't seen any faces in the rocks, and the two stones that are the same color and same size right next to each other don't bother me now that the whole wall is finished and the grout is on)



We have kitchen cabinets!

The dish cabinet can't be installed until the countertops are finished since it sits right on top of the counter.  Noah immediately claimed it as "his house".

Now these are interesting. I think they are the legs to support the granite overhang.  The question is why are they white and not stained?  Who decided that?  Why was I not asked about this decision?  And, should I let them install it and see how it looks or should I just say right away that this is a mistake and they need to get the brown legs out here before the granite shows up?

Rivermill was also responsible for the fireplace surround.  Tex did a great job bringing my vision to reality and managed to work around an installation mistake that we didn't catch until almost too late.  I'll get a better picture when I have daylight and don't have to use the flash.

The tile guys are finally coming back up tomorrow to start on the shower, so they should be able to get the fireplace and the foyer floor finished too.

The closets are GLARING white!  Good thing our clothes are colorful because the walls in that room really needs to be toned down.

This was a nice surprise to see.  Jesse came up and covered all the outside corners to protect them where cords may get dragged around them or workers may be careless walking past them.  He said he'll get them up around the island and the outer kitchen cabinets too.  When he goes the extra mile like that it just reassures me that he is really trying to give us his best work.

And Last, but not Least.  Fall colors for Alaina (love ya babe)!  This is the mountainside just east of our house.


  1. Oh my goodness, your house is BEAUTIFUL!!! The exterior looks amazing and I love the cabinets. Weird about the legs for the overhang though. I'd ask about it now because isn't it easier to redo them before they are installed?

  2. Oh, and the fireplace looks great too! It's such a cool mix of modern and traditional. Love it. And how much does Noah look like Mark in that picture!?!