Friday, September 14, 2012

Paint Progress

The painters finally got their prep work finished.  I told them it seemed like they had the most boring job of everyone, filling paint holes, sanding them down and so on and so on.

They primed on Wednesday, painted the trim on Thursday and started taping off all the trim so they can paint the walls and ceiling.  They must have just painted the trim in the basement this morning because we couldn't stay down there long when we went to check on things.

I sure hope this pink paper is leak proof because there was a huge puddle of paint sitting under the bucket that the air sprayer is in.
You can see in the picture above what our final decision was regarding the sliding door in the great room.

We thought it was odd that all the closets are sealed off, but apparently the walls, shelves and ceilings are all painted the same white as the trim and are left like that.  The advantage is that it will make it easier to keep the pantry clean since it's all semi-gloss.

All our hard work labeling our PEX tubing by zone and loop has been painted.  (It's kind of freaky looking in this room right now, a bit "ghostly").  Rob is very glad that he wrapped all his wires in saran wrap.  I guess we'll go up tomorrow and re-label all the tubes.  It will be important for the plumber to have that information readily available.

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