Monday, September 10, 2012

In other news

Rob loves this little door. He's excited to be able to look through here and see his Audio Video Computer Rack with all the little blinking lights.

I (on the other hand) would love nothing more than to frost a nice big rectangle and leave just a little bit of clear glass around the outside. The lights will still show through the frosted glass, but it will look calmer and quieter.

I will do my best to refrain, but I am making no promises.

I know it's Rob's room, and Rob's rack so therefore it only makes sense that it is Rob's door, but .... ..... .........

This is the water heater (or sometimes it's called the water maker).

The boiler has also been delivered, but not installed.

I know the boiler heats the water so I think this big tank stores the culinary hot water until we need it in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room.

The boiler heats and reheats the water that runs through the PEX tubing for our heat.  That is a closed loop so the water from that system will never enter the water for our culinary needs.

I'm learning, but I still have a bit more to understand.

Noah is so excited that the garage door openers have been installed.  He sees them there and doesn't understand why they don't work.  Every time we go out through the garage he asks to push the button and then is disappointed when nothing happens.

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  1. This post made me giggle a lot. I think dad should keep his door! Sometimes having your favorite "you" things organized and on display makes you that much happier. If I was dad and you frosted it, I would open the door to admire it too much, haha.
    And poor Noah! I'm glad he is loving your house; can't wait for it to be livable and "working" for him!