Friday, July 27, 2012


Every one knows that over the course of building a house there will be changes that need to be made. We have been so impressed with how Visionary responds to the little mistakes that have cropped up here and there.  We've also been very impressed with how few mistakes have had to be fixed.

There should be a door where the red marks are.
The framers forgot to put a door to the mechanical room.  This wall was one of the big walls that support the whole house, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they did it that way on purpose.  I figured they wanted the studs there to give it the extra stability until it was in place.  Jesse laughed and said they just plain forgot to put it in. 

There should not be a wall here.
We added windows to the bathroom wall so we would have natural light in the whole bathroom, not just the shower.  The shower was framed all the way to the ceiling, which would have created a really cool shower!  But a darker bathroom.  So, now that space is open except for one post that ties the wall into the ceiling.  Rob wanted the post down too, but that would have created a very wobbly wall.  This would not be good since that wall has to support most of the plumbing for the shower and the glass door.  Nope, we don't want wobbles in our house.

These pipes need to be moved into the wall, out of the bedroom.
Here you can see the plumbers have already come in and jack-hammered the concrete out.  We were very glad that we had taken good pictures (and videos) of the PEX layout.  That allowed us to draw a circle and say with confidence there was no PEX underneath that would be destroyed by the jackhammer.

Crummy patch work
This hasn't been repaired yet, but Jesse has reassured us that it will be level and smooth before we close on the house so the carpet will lay nicely over the patch and it won't be bumpy and uneven.  Based on his past work, we trust him.

The gas pipe was moved closer to the edge of the house.
According to Jesse, we have the pickiest inspector in North Logan.  Actually, I think he said the pickiest inspector in the whole valley.  We like that.  He doesn't as much.  There really haven't been that many dings overall to slow us down and when they get one, either Jesse is up fixing it or he has his subs up taking care of it asap.

Rob and I were at the house measuring to see how the vanity was going to fit into the powder room and realized that the electrician must have assumed we were installing a 36" vanity instead of a 38" vanity.  Not a big deal, but one of the electric boxes needed to be moved to the left two and a half inches.  Rob called Jesse to see if he wanted to call the electrician or if Rob could just move it.  (it was a matter of loosening two screws, scooting the box over and tightening the screws again).  Jesse said draw a picture of what we needed and he'd call the electrician.  By the time we had the picture drawn and were sticking it to the stud above the box, Jesse was there.  He'd been at another job and when he couldn't get the electrician, he decided to run over and take care of it himself.  Five minutes later, the fix was made.  We were happy and he was happy because the sheetrockers could keep working.

Visionary has always said, catch the mistakes as quickly as possible and let us know so we can fix them as quickly as possible.  Based on these experiences they say what they mean and they mean what they say.

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