Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Plight of the Hummingbirds

About a week ago, I noticed a hummingbird trapped at the master bedroom window.  The slider was open wide on the right side of the window, but the silly little bird had no concept of going side to side, only up and down.   I watched him for about five minutes and decided to try to encourage him into the living area where the large sliding door was wide open.  I tried to go into the room stealthily, but it didn't work.  I startled him and he flew quickly (and a little wildly) straight into the dining area windows.  He hit hard and was out cold.

I was so afraid he was fatally injured.  Rob grabbed a dustbin and went over to "scoop" him up.  When Rob touched him, he startled again and went straight up into the rafters of the attic.  We hope he found his way out.

This afternoon, we found another hummingbird trapped inside.  This time he was in the garage.  These windows do not open so no matter where he went, he couldn't escape.  There is no garage door, just the huge opening for the door.  Plenty of room for a little bird to escape.

We tried covering part of the window with a large piece of cardboard hoping he would fly to the light.  Nope... 

Straight up into the rafters again.

I wondered if I should go borrow one of Laurie's birdfeeders to encourage him out.  Rob figured that would probably just attract more of the little hummers and then we'd have a houseful of hummingbirds.


  1. Hah, he should be your blog mascot..."little birdie" :)