Sunday, July 15, 2012

Doors, Windows, and the fireplace

Thursday July 12th through Saturday July 14, I was busy working on the low voltage wiring. Thursday the electricians were in the house finishing up their work. Friday was much quieter except for two deliveries and installations. 

In the morning, the heating guys showed up with the fireplace. Brent (from Mountain Valley Heating) was one of the guys delivering the fireplace. He is the owner. He took some time to talk to me about the radiant heating, chip in the driveway, and other things (items for another blog post perhaps).

They removed the fireplace from the box and put it in place. Here it is: 

I did not do any measuring to make sure that everything will work, but it looks great to me.

An hour or so later, a truck arrived with the outside doors. Two guys unloaded the doors and put them in basically the right places. They did not install them. The only outside door not delivered or already in place is the sliding door to the deck.

About an hour after that, another truck showed up with two guys. They worked to install the doors. The door into the cold storage could not be installed because the framing was off an inch or so. That will be fixed later. Here is the door out to the basement patio. This door has blinds built into it. We thought that would be a good idea since this door faces west.

 Here is the front door:

And the "man" door in the garage. I don't know why they call it that. Sue will use it as much as me!

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