Friday, July 6, 2012

Update from Rob

July 5
-  Rain all day leads to water in the basement! The front porch acts as a catch basin because it is still waiting to catch concrete. The water ended up in the cold storage and spread out from there. I had to uncover the drain in the mechanical and remove a plug. I also swept out a bunch of water out the doorway in the office.

- The heating guys were busy in the attic. They installed several if not all the vents. I feel like the cold air / hot air return vents should be lower in the room. We'll have to figure that out by talking to Jesse.

The blower, heater, and AC evaporator are in the attic mechanical room above the garage. 

Once we decided we were doing whole house radiant heat we had to decide if we wanted air conditioning and where we wanted it. Because we only have one basement window facing south and one facing west we figured we could get away without running AC in the basement. We will crack windows and install ceiling fans and believe that will keep the basement appropriately cool during the summers. This allowed us to save a little bit of money, but mostly saved us from having to run ductwork in the basement ceiling. However we needed a home for the equipment so Visionary created a little room above our garage. It took Rob a couple of days to recognize the room above the garage for what it was (which I thought was hilarious). We opted to include a heater in this equipment as a back-up (you know how computer guys like their back-up systems).
- No sign of the plumbers or roofers today, but they were here earlier in the week.  Boy do these guys work fast. 

Just a note - I (Sue) am currently out of state on "Baby Watch 2012" so Rob is responsible for taking pictures and getting them onto the blog with a bit of explanation.  If I understand enough of what's going on and have something to say, I will add my own commentary to the post in italics.  If YOU have something to say, feel free to comment.  We like to hear from you.

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