Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's the mechanics

Here is a peek into our mechanical room.

The sheetrock was installed in this room almost a month ago so the electrician and plumbers could start getting their parts installed. 

Because we have two ovens and an induction cooktop in our kitchen we needed two electric panels. 

Remind us NOT to bang any nails into this wall!

Coming from Illinois where everything is in conduit makes this quite scary to look at. The different wire colors represent the wires guage or thickness. The thick grey cable is the main trunk line from the electic meter.

The plumbers have installed the water softener and an expansion tank that is hanging from the ceiling.  The expansion tank will ease or eliminate problems that occur due to thermal expansion. When the water is heated it expands. Without the expansion tank, you can end up with dripping temperature and pressure relief valves or faucets.

We are still waiting for the boiler and the water maker to be installed.  We were under the impression that the water maker was going to be delivered last week when the tub was brought up, but we haven't seen it yet. Once the boiler is installed we will post pictures and talk about that a bit.

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