Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rain water - how to keep it out of the basement

A week or so ago, we had a day of rain. We needed it, but the house was not ready, at least to the point where rain would not come in.

While working on the low-voltage wiring (Friday, July 13th), I saw a storm approaching. I decided I would clean up so the rain water would not mix with wood chips and sawdust. I started sweeping and moving other things like a newly delivered door.

Sure enough, the storm hit. It was mostly wind, but rain did come. After a few minutes of hearing rain on the house, I started to see it pour in the cold storage. I went upstairs and saw the rain coming off the house (no gutters yet) and into the porch forms. We don't have a porch yet either.

It was good I got things cleaned up, but the water still was a mess to work around.

That night, I decided to rig up a plastic tarp over the porch because we had storms in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Here is a picture of the result.

A storm hit Saturday afternoon. I was still working and got to witness my work. I did have to adjust the flow over the plastic a bit, but it worked great. Just some minimal water, but nothing like before.

I sent a txt to Jesse and told him what I did. I hope it was OK!

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